Plan Approval Form

Please use the online form below to complete and submit a Plan Approval Form (PAF) electronically. 
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To maintain the balance and charm of Chimney Springs, the ACC will consider each PAF for painting on a case-by-case basis focusing heavily on the street/area and not only the individual house. All colors must be chosen utilizing the Chimney Springs Exterior Paint Color Manual. If repainting any part of your house, you must choose a paint palette from the manual. Repainting your house its existing color is not permitted, unless you already have a pre-approved designated color palette located in this manual which will still require submission of a PAF.
To view or obtain a color manual contact the HOA office during business hours or email and Books can be viewed in the HOA office during business hours or checked out for no more than two weeks from an ACC committee member. A deposit of $200 is required; if the book is lost or damaged, the homeowner will not be refunded the deposit. Approval via a PAF prior to painting or staining is required to ensure paint colors chosen meets required design standards.