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Welcome to the official website for the Chimney Springs community in Marietta, Georgia. This community website was developed to communicate with the residents of Chimney Springs and to serve as an information resource for visitors. We are glad you visited our site to learn more about us.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.
~    Neighborhood News    ~
Posted on Jul 31st, 2015

Safety Advice from the Neighborhood Watch Committee
  • If someone knocks on your door, do not ignore them. They may kick in the door because they assume no one is home. Nor should you open the door. Instead yell through the door and let them know you are not interested in whatever they have to say or to sell.
  • If you observe something suspicious or have a safety related concern, call 911. Provide a detailed description and reason why they have aroused your suspicions or concerns.
  • When parking your car overnight, remove valuables or anything that may appear to contain valuables.
  • When parking your car in the daytime, place valuables in your trunk prior to arrival at your destination.
  • Do not leave your car running or unlocked even briefly when running errands. Perpetrators know where and when to watch for victims. For example, perpetrators may be watching daycare centers waiting for someone to leave their car running or leave their purse in an unlocked car.
  • Close your garage doors, entry doors and windows.
  • Set your alarm whenever you leave your home. Post alarm signs and stickers.
  • Limit potential losses by using a safety deposit box.
  • Turn on your outside lights.
  • Do not advertise your vacation plans on social media sites!
  • Sign up for PENS alerts at  and click on “Sign up for PENS alerts”.
HELP WANTED for the Neighborhood Watch Committee. Contact Ron Fritz at  if you have at least two weekend evenings per year to help make our neighborhood safe!
Posted on Jul 31st, 2015
Look under the "Classified" tab and see the services/products advertised in our newsletter!
Posted on Jul 31st, 2015
I have asked and the people have responded! Thank you to those who have stepped up!  Now, we need some more assistance.  I hope you will consider helping.

Maintenance – Our Maintenance Chair, Norm Glover, has a job that requires some travel and he cannot be here all the time to make sure things get done. He is still willing to chair the Maintenance Committee but he would like to have one or two people who are willing to help.  There are 3 main roles
  • Help do some small items like change light bulbs when needed.
  • Oversee the work of a hired plumber or handyman for other items.
  • Problem resolution, as from time to time, items will come up where the answer is not as easy as getting a plumber and fix it. It may be that research is needed, talking with experts, or getting 3 bids because the cost of the work is over a $1000.
Lake/Path Volunteers - I am reaching out to people who walk the Lake and paths regularly or take their kids to the Playgrounds who might be interested in picking up some litter when they are taking a walk or at the Playground.  We have had a resident who walks that lake and picks up trash.  He has been unable to volunteer to do this for awhile and you can see the impact.  Even helping out once a week can make a difference. I encourage everyone to leave the Lake, Path and Park areas better than you found them.

If you have some time and would like to help the community, please email the HOA Office at
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
Greetings from me, JD Tucker, and the Board of Directors. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The Board’s recent discussions have covered all of the ongoing projects that you hear about and see each month in this newsletter, but I wanted to touch on a few points of emphasis in greater depth.
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
Click here to read the August issue of the Chimney Springs newsletter online.
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
Don’t be the only one out of the loop for the latest and greatest in Chimney Springs! There are many reasons to register for the website but most importantly is the ability to receive EBlasts. The Webmaster sends out EBlasts with upcoming neighborhood activities, Board and Executive Committee announcements, and urgent weather or community information. Registration with the Chimney Springs website is also required for entry into the tennis reservation system.

Go to  and register today. Over 515 of your friends are in the know!
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
The mandatory bi-annual HOA dues for July through December of 2015 were mailed on July 1, 2015. Your dues are due on or before July 31, 2015. Thank you to everyone who paid in a timely manner. If you still need to make your payment, please do it promptly.
Past due amounts begin to accumulate late fee charges on August 15. Please contact the HOA Office at 770-992-5055 or  if you need a current balance on your account. You may also contact the Office if you would like to request a Hardship Payment Plan Request form or visit the website (www, ) and click on Documents/Forms.
Thank you again for your continued support of our community!
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
YOUR Right to Use Chimney Springs Amenities!

The volunteers of this community work hard to provide and maintain great amenities, It has become apparent that I need to discuss the issue of your rights as a homeowner and the amenities. Your right to use the amenities is not a guaranteed right nor does your right to use an amenity supersede another resident’s right to use and enjoy our amenities. The key to this are several points that hopefully make common sense.
  • Follow the rules – If at the Tennis Courts or the Pool, please follow the rules. The rules are put in place to help ensure everyone can enjoy the amenities.
  • Be respectful of your neighbor – These are common amenities so it is expected that others are there to enjoy them. Being loud, obnoxious, or disrespectful of those who are there to oversee the amenities is not showing respect.
  • Personal responsibility - Each of you, as residents of Chimney Springs, has a responsibility to uphold the rules of the HOA.
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
Click here to learn more about this wonderful fundraising project being sponsored by the Pope Band. Join your neighbors and build a patriotic chain to show your love of country and support all of those who fight and have fought for our freedom.
Posted on Jul 29th, 2015
So what do you know, the end of summer is near and for those of us with kids, we are back to the busyness of school and after school activities!  Many say that the end of summer in the USA is typically marked by our Labor Day holiday. I prefer the astronomical end of summer which is marked by Fall Equinox on September 22nd!  Regardless of our views, the Pool is still open folks so if you have not had a chance to enjoy it, get out there for a relaxing or active swim! The August hours are 10:00am to 9:00pm, daily.
So on to some Pool business. First, I NEED YOUR ATTENTION AND HELP PLEASE!

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Friday, September 4th to Saturday, September 5th
ALMOST TIME for the Chimney Springs Annual Labor Day Tennis Tournament!! Festivities will begin with a party and team selection on Friday, September 4 at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse. The party will feature the very best and most delectable food in the Springs along with the proper beverages to suit all tastes. Play will be on Saturday, September 5 from 8:00am to approximately 4:00pm.

Please join your neighbors and friends for great fun, great food, great fellowship, t-shirts, and awards along with some poor-to-average tennis verging on greatness!  All this fun, food, and fellowship for the cost of $16 per player!

We have room for 48 players. Please sign up with John Pearson at . Provide your names(s), email address, phone number, and tennis level. See you on the courts!

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~ Lost and Found ~

None listed at this time.

~ Neighborhood Notices ~
By Webmaster on October 30, 2013
When driving, please watch your speed and stop at all stop signs. The posted speed throughout Chimney Springs is 25mph. The ch9ildren are out of school and we want to keep everyone safe!
By Webmaster on September 12, 2013
Many of you may not be aware that Cobb County requires all dogs to be on a leash at ALL TIMES when out of the house or fence. In addition - in consideration of all Chimney Springs residents who enjoy the wonderful walking trails and lake path - please remember that someone will be walking behind you and your dog. Children play on the playground and grass field and in their yards. Please supply yourself with plastic bags to clean up after your dog anytime and anyplace you walk your dog. Also, DO NOT use the neighbor's trash can to deposit your pet waste. Be thoughtful of all your neighbors when walking your pets. Many thanks for everyone's assistance in this matter.
By Webmaster on September 12, 2013
Outdoor burning is banned from May 1st through September 30th. If a resident has a concern about burning taking place, please contact Cobb County Fire Department at 770-528-8000.

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