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Annual Meeting: Board of Directors Candidates
Posted on Oct 1st, 2019

Kevin Glass, - I am Kevin Glass and I would like your vote.  My family has lived in Chimney Springs for over 6 years. I have actively volunteered in our neighborhood on the Executive Committee as President, the ACC, and served as a member of the board.  I believe the board has a commitment to notifying our neighbors of issues facing our neighborhood and to provide available options on how best to address those issues. I will commit to working to improve transparency by the board and will vote based on what is fiscally responsible and reflects the values of our entire neighborhood.
David May, - My family and I have lived in Chimney Springs for a year, successfully bringing our 1978 split level into the 21st century. I have 9 years of experience serving our last HOA of 437 homes, 4 years as President, so I understand the commitment to serve all homeowners. I designed and managed a $70,000 pool expansion / playground reconfiguration project;  I worked with our tennis team to update the court surfaces; I reduced maintenance spending by creating a volunteer day; and worked to pass updated governing documents. I would love the opportunity to serve you!
Bess Posada, - Hello, dear neighbors! My name is Bess Posada and I am running for a seat on the Chimney Springs HOA Board. My family and I are second year residents in the neighborhood after putting down roots when my husband, Mauricio Posada (USCG CDR-retired), ended a 20 year military career. I have had the opportunity to serve as the Treasurer of the PTA at my children’s school when we were stationed in Washington, D.C., and enjoyed the honor of sitting on the PTA Board. I have served as your Clubhouse Chair on the Executive Committee for this past year and I have seen, first hand, what the power of volunteering in this neighborhood can accomplish. By embracing a more fiscally responsible approach to spending and listening to the true needs of this community, we are on our way to properly caring for our beautiful neighborhood and its fine amenities. Please consider my candidacy and I hope to see you at the annual meeting.
J.D. Tucker, - My name is J.D. Tucker and my family and I have lived in Chimney Springs since 2013.  Not long after we moved in, I decided to get involved with the HOA and I had the privilege of serving on the Board from 2015-2018. Chimney Springs is a fantastic place to live and we have a lot going for us as a neighborhood, but we also have a lot of work to do to make sure our HOA can continue to serve our residents and take care of our amenities in the future.  I have enjoyed volunteering in the neighborhood and will continue to do so wherever I think I can help.