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IT Committee

Dave Norris, Chair
The Information Technology Committee (IT) was formed in 2017 during several changes and upgrades to the HOA computer systems and network. I’ve volunteered to remain as Chair of the IT Committee in 2018.
Over the last couple years, we have been modernizing and adding to our technology infrastructure in order to better support community activities and provide additional or enhanced services. 
For example we have:
  • Replaced the HOA Office computer.
  • Added a hard-wired local-area network at the facilities.
  • Installed underground fiber-optic cable to connect the Tennis building to the network.
  • Replaced the card-reader access system.
  • Connected the HOA Office printers to the network.
  • Added a high-availability network attached file storage system.
  • Installed a modern Clubhouse A/V system with a customized single remote control to simplify operation.
  • Added environmental monitoring systems to the Clubhouse and Tennis buildings with alerting for hot-temperature events
The largest undertaking by far has been installing and configuring a comprehensive 24x7 Day/Night Security Camera System, along with the hard-wired infrastructure that connects it all.  We now have camera coverage of the parking lots, Pool, Clubhouse, and Tennis areas. These high-resolution cameras have already been used to:
  • Help find lost items.
  • Identify vehicles, individuals, and dogs involved in Common Area incidents.
  • Provide evidence for police investigations.
  • Record suspected drug activities in the Common Areas.
  • Document vandalism and identify perpetrators.
  • Document facility misuse.
  • Investigate and document Pool incidents and Pool misconduct.
  • Help solve facility issues.
  • Document contractor errors and provide evidence for warranty claims.
  • Track lifeguard performance
  • Identify Pool fence-jumpers and other trespassers.
The IT committee will be responsible for supporting and improving:
  • HOA cable TV, phone, and internet service
  • Computers, Printers, related peripherals
  • Environmental monitoring devices
  • HOA email services
  • A/V Systems
  • Fiber and Ethernet networks
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Network Security
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Cloud backup solutions
  • Security Cameras with network video recording
  • Smart thermostats for all HVAC systems
  • Facility automation systems
If you are familiar with IT-related technology and are interested in volunteering, please contact me at