Tennis Rules & Regulations & ALTA - USTA

1. All court times must be secured through the online reservation system, This requires each resident to register in the system with a username and password. See the tutorial on the Chimney Springs website.
a. The Chimney Springs Tennis Reservation Coordinator will block out courts for league play in advance of the 2 day rule.
b. Individual reservations may be made no more than 2 days prior to playing time, (i.e. A resident may reserve a court from 12 am Friday morning for play on Sunday). One resident’s name must appear on the website to hold a court and only one court per name. As a consideration to your neighbors, if your plans change and you will not be using the court you reserved, please cancel your reservation on the website.
c. Residents may hold a court for a maximum of 2 hours.
d. A court is declared open if vacant 10 minutes after the sign-up time.
e. Juniors(ages 15 and under) may sign-up:
i. BUT must yield to adults:
1. 8am – 2pm and after 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
2. 8am – 11pm on Friday; and
3. 8am – 2pm and 5pm -11pm on Saturday and Sunday
ii. AND not yield to adults:
1. All day Monday and Wednesday
2. 2pm - 6pm Tuesday and Thursday, and
3. 2pm – 5pm Saturday and Sunday
2. Courts 7 and 8 are designated as instructional courts and are the only courts to be used by professionals for instruction. When not reserved for instruction or league play, these courts are open for reservation by a resident.
3. Proper tennis attire (tennis shoes, shirts, etc.) should be worn while on the courts.
4. A resident must accompany guests to the courts. A resident may host up to three guests per match.
5. NO PETS are allowed on the tennis courts.
6. Repair due to malicious damage is the responsibility of the resident.
7. Children who are not playing tennis should not be on the tennis courts.
8. No food or beverages are allowed on the courts except for beverages in non-breakable containers.
9. Clean up balls, ball containers, lids, and court caddies, etc., before leaving the court. Trash and recycle containers are available in areas around the Tennis Facility building. Return furniture to its proper place.
10. The last resident to leave the court area should turn off the lights.
11. BIKES must be walked through the tennis area, and parked in the parking lot area. THEY MAY NEVER BE TAKEN ON ANY COURT.
12. SKATEBOARDS AND ROLLERBLADES are not allowed on the tennis courts or in the tennis court area including the parking lots. Skateboards must be carried through the tennis area.
13. SNOW OR ICE removal from the tennis courts should only be attempted by the use of rubber squeegees, soft bristle brooms, or blowers. The use of salt, sand, or other chemicals as well as metal or plastic objects (e.g. snow or garden shovels, or ice chipping devices) is strictly prohibited.
14. A resident who wishes to hire a Guest Pro instructor other than the Chimney Springs Pro must abide by the following regulations:
a. Submit a completed “Teaching Pro Registration” form (available on the Chimney Springs website) seven days prior to the date of the lesson. Only Pros who are registered and members of a professional group [USPTA – United States Professional Tennis Association, and NTR - National Tennis Registry, are 2] and who have liability insurance will be permitted to use our instructional courts with a resident. A member of the Tennis Committee will verify the information. Once a Guest Pro is vetted, a list of these Pros, who meet the above requirements, will be kept in the HOA office.
b. The resident may reserve court 7 or 8 using the 2 day rule for court sign-up.
c.  A lesson may not exceed 90 minutes.
d. A non-resident may participate in the lesson as a guest as long as the host resident is present on the court during the lesson. No Guest Pro, nor any non-resident guest has playing privileges on Chimney Springs courts unless in the company of the resident host.
e. The resident is responsible for the condition of the court after the lesson. It must be left in good condition for any resident who may follow the lesson.
15. If a person violates the Rules and Regulations for Tennis, they may be subject to the loss of their amenities privileges.
The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) allow our community members to test their tennis skills in a social and amateur competitive atmosphere. The Chimney Springs Tennis facility will be available for ALTA and USTA team play at the discretion of the Chimney Springs Homeowners Association.
•All teams and team member are subject to additional rules that govern only league play. Teams found in violation of these rules may be suspended from play on Chimney Springs’ courts.
•The Tennis Committee will block-out court time for league play ahead of the 2 day rule to ensure availability of courts for the teams. Each team will be allowed 2 courts for league play.
1. Only individuals currently residing in Chimney Springs are eligible to play on an ALTA or USTA team. If said individual moves after the rosters have been submitted, that person may remain and play on that team for the current season only. The only exception to this rule will be a non-resident property owner who retains from his/her renter the community amenities package. Only one (either property owner or renter) may use the amenities facilities in Chimney Springs.
2. Team Captains may allow up to three guests to play on a Chimney Springs team if the team has fewer than twenty (20) resident players and all team members are in agreement. Team guest players must follow all Tennis Rules as stated above but will not be allowed to reserve courts under their own name.

3. Teams may NOT sign up for extra courts for a match. You may take a chance and use an empty court understanding that you must relinquish that court to any resident at any time.
4. Teams will be granted blocked-out court time when a complete roster and schedule is submitted to the Tennis Committee and office at least one week before the season begins. Please email the schedule and roster to There is an underscore between rosters and schedules with no spaces. The captains’ Key Card will be authorized for Kitchen access at the same time.
5. The number of ALTA and USTA teams will be limited. The maximum number of teams based on court availability for any one time slot is 6 (e.g. there may only be 6 ALTA or USTA teams for the Thursday Women category who play from 9am to approximately 1pm). ALTA and USTA are responsible for seeing that no more than 3 teams are scheduled for Chimney Springs courts at any one time slot.
6. NEW TEAMS: Requests for new teams must be presented to the Tennis Committee along with a copy of the tentative team roster. Prior to submitting a final roster, all potential new teams should inform the community of its intent by posting a notice in the newsletter or on the Tennis Facility bulletin board.
7. The number of players on any ALTA or USTA team is a function of the ALTA or USTA rules for forming a team (e.g. Thursday Women must have 12 players to form a team. There is no upper limit).
8. ALTA and USTA vacancies must be filled in the following manner:
•  Notice of an ALTA or USTA team vacancy must be placed in the newsletter and/or posted on the Tennis Facility bulletin board for two weeks prior to the selection process.
•  The appropriate selection process will be left to the discretion of each team captain.
9. ALTA and USTA teams’ matches canceled due to inclement weather may have blocked-out court time IF the team is playing as a “dual meet” (i.e. 5 positions playing in rotation on 2 courts). The captain should contact the Reservation Coordinator for the rescheduling of the match. The Reservation Coordinator will handle this blocked-out makeup time on a first come, first serve basis, and will schedule a maximum of 3 teams per time slot. This will also depend on the regular play schedules of other teams.
•  Individuals rescheduling a match must use the 2 day rule for court sign-up.
10. All teams may schedule ONE Scrimmage Dual Meet per season as blocked-out court time, with only one team taking 2 courts at any one time (i.e. two teams cannot have blocked-out scrimmage matches at the same time). It is up to the captain to schedule this through the Reservation Coordinator and will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.
11. CLEANUP: Each team captain or (as for Juniors) team “mother/father” is responsible for cleanup following every home match. Clean up includes replacing furniture and court supplies to their respective places.