Tennis Teams

Chimney Springs has both ALTA and USTA teams available for any resident to join, depending on your playing style and schedule. Since the game schedules don't overlap, many players join both leagues. As an Atlanta based organization, ALTA is very popular, but USTA offers both singles and doubles play. And your USTA rating is helpful as you play in other parts of the country.

If you would like to join a team, please contact our Tennis Director, and he will help you to find the team that matches your playing level. Or, you can also call a Team Captain directly to determine if there are openings on their team. There may also be a posting at the Tennis Gazebo or in the Chimney Springs Newsletter regarding teams that are currently adding players to their roster.

Roster deadlines exist for teams. Don't hesitate to contact a Team Captain during the league's off-season, so that you can start to practice with your new team.

Forming A New Team

If there isn't a team available that matches your playing level or schedule, you can start your own team. First, check with the Chimney Springs Tennis Committee to confirm the availability of a slot for another team (to insure equal play time for everyone, there are limits to the number of men's, women's and junior teams).

You should then check with either ALTA or USTA to confirm current roster deadlines. Prior to the deadline, you'll need a minimum of 12 players with ALTA member numbers or USTA ratings and member numbers to form a team. Additional players will help you to avoid having to forfeit a match as schedule conflicts arise.

Gaining players can be done in a variety of ways:
•CHECK with the Tennis Director for someone who has indicated interest in playing but hasn't found a team yet.
•PLACE a sign at the tennis gazebo to announce your new team (be sure to indicate what league and level you intend for the team).
•PLACE a notice in the Chimney Springs Newsletter.
•ASK your friends and neighbors if they want to play or if they know someone who might, etc.

Once you have your team members, you'll have to provide your roster to either ALTA or USTA and register your team. Be sure to let the Tennis Director know about your team, and then plan to attend the Chimney Springs Captains' meeting which occurs prior to the start of each season.

Please remember that as per the Chimney Springs Tennis Policy - Tennis Rules and Regulations, you should post a notice of the formation of a new team at the Tennis Gazebo for two weeks. This allows all residents an opportunity to be considered for the new team.