Committee Description

To preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Chimney Springs by applying the Declaration of Covenants Restrictions and Easements (Covenants) and Design Standards.
To assure that any installations, construction or alteration of an Structure (as defined in the Covenants) on any Lot shall be submitted to the ACC for approval as to:
  1. Conformity and harmony of external designs and general quality with existing standards of the neighborhood.
  2. Location of structure with respect to topography, finished ground elevation, and surrounding structures.
As provided in Section 5.02 of the Covenants, " do each and every thing necessary, suitable, convenient or proper for, or in connection with , or incidental to, the accomplishment of such purpose (as stated above), including , without being limited to, the power and duty to approve or disapprove plans and specifications for any installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot."
The ACC shall be established consisting of not less than three (3) or more than five (5) individuals, provided however, that the ACC shall always have an uneven number of members. All members of the ACC shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.
1.  Shall update the Design Standards when needed, and provide copies to residents.
2.  Review applications for approval, along with plans submitted by applicant and render approvals or denials  
     based on the Covenants and Design Standards.
3.  Two or more members may exercise full authority of the ACC except for the adoption or promulgation of the
     Design Standards. Said action is final and binding unless reviewed and modified by the ACC on its own
     motion, or by appeal of the applicant to the ACC.
4.  The time frame for submittals, approvals, denials, and appeals is as follows:
     a.  Written notice of approval or denial, from the ACC to an applicant, must be sent within five (5) of the   
     b.  Applicant may within ten (10) days after receipt of said notice file a written request to have the matter
          reviewed by the ACC.
     c.  The ACC must act on said request no later than thirty (30) days of said request. The decision of the
          majority of ACC members on review of such matter shall be final and binding.
     d.  All submittals must be acted upon within thirty (30) days or receipts.
5.  The ACC shall make findings, determinations, rulings, and orders with respect to adherence to the Covenants 
     and the Design Standards, as it applies to maintenance of Lots.
6.  When a violation has been noted, the ACC shall, in accordance with the Covenants, notify the Association and
     the Board shall provide written notice to the Owner. Prior to the official notice from the Board, the ACC may
     send correspondence that accurately describes the condition or problem, including the location; details the
     provisions or sections of the Covenants or Design Standards that are violated; describes the specific results
     that must be accomplished to correct the condition or problem; specifies the time frame to accomplish the   
     correction; and clearly states the consequences of failure to comply.
7.  A copy of all plans submitted shall be retained in the Association office.
8.  Upon the request of an Owner, provide a Certificate of Compliance.
Contact the ACC Chair through Contact Us.