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Executive Committee Structure

The Executive Committee is made up of Committee Officers and Committee Chairs. They meet on the first Monday of each month at the Clubhouse. Contact the office if you are interested in attending one of these meetings.
Russ Davis President
Liz Robin Vice President
Lauren Carey Treasurer
Henri Bulterman Secretary
President’s Responsibilities
The President is appointed by the Board of Directors. The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He/She works under the direction of the Board of Directors. The President has general and active supervision and charge of all Association activities.
Vice President’s Responsibilities
The Vice-President is appointed by the Board and acts as the assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Association. In the President’s absence, the Vice-President assumes the responsibilities and authority of the President.
Secretary's Responsibilities
The Executive Committee Secretary is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Executive Committee. These records are kept in the Homeowners' office and available for all residents to view.
Treasurer’s Responsibilities
The Treasurer is charged with the management of Association Finances. The Treasurer also serves as the Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee.

Current HOA committees include Architectural Control, Clubhouse, Communications, Community Action, Landscape/Recreation, Maintenance, Neighborhood Events, Neighborhood Watch, Pool, and Tennis. Each is chaired by a volunteer homeowner.
Architectural Control Carolyn Cordaro
Clubhouse/Hospitality Diane Williams
Communications Beth Wortham
Community Action Ric Grome
IT Dave Norris
Landscape Dean Pallas
Maintenance Norman Glover
Neighborhood Events Sara Franklin & Heather Hoeller
Neighborhood Watch Jay Tilley
Pool Shawn Glanville
Tennis Jeff Ballard

Minutes of all meetings are available on the website or in the HOA office during normal business hours.