Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. They typically meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Clubhouse. Contact the office if you are interested in attending one of these meetings.
Vice President Joe Pelt  vicepresident@chimneysprings.org
Vice President Elect  Jonathan Klopf    vpelect@chimneysprings.org
Mike Maclellan finance@chimneysprings.org
Secretary Henri Bulterman secretary@chimneysprings.org

Architectural Control Linda Richards acc@chimneysprings.org
Clubhouse Sharon Lynn Throckmorton
Caleigh Hicks
Communications Pam Lydon communications@chimneysprings.org
Community Action Benjamin Alper communityaction@chimneysprings.org
Information Technology  Outsourced
Landscape Walker Patterson landscape@chimneysprings.org
Maintenance Jim Miller maintenance@chimneysprings.org
Neighborhood Events Sara Dunnaway events@chimneysprings.org
Neighborhood Watch Steven Tarter
Parks & Recreation Kenny Elwood
Pool Carson Hornsby pool@chimneysprings.org
Tennis Dena Hammond tennis@chimneysprings.org